Lohana Community East London


Our committee is brought together by individuals who are dedicating their time and energy, voluntarily, into bringing together our community through social activities and events.  We hope that you will join us to make our community stronger as well as encouraging our youths who are our future. Please email info@LCEL.org.uk to get in touch with the Committee.

President: Vijay Rughani          
Vice President: Nilesh Hindocha
Secretary: Narendra Popat          
Treasurer: Jayantilal Raithatha
Social Secretary: Gita Makwana


Mukundbhai Kataria (Imm. Past President)
Ashokbhai Rach
Rashmibhai Sangani
Dhirubhai Radia
Anilbhai Bhuptani
Jitubhai Teli
Navnit Popat
Praveenbhai Sedani
Daxaben Vithlani
Charuben Kataria
Pravinaben Dattani

Co-opted Members

Nainaben Popat
Nisha Rughani