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Welcome to the website for Lohana Community East London.

The Lohana Community of East London (LCEL) was founded in 1973 to form a body whose main objectives are to promote the cultural, religious, social, linguistic and economic welfare of Lohanas in the East of London. Since then it has grown steadily and today over 450 Lohana families, mainly from East London and Essex, are members of the LCEL. We are members of our parent body Lohana Community United Kingdom (LCUK).

Our membership details are regularly updated to ensure we have the correct details and that we can tailor events to your needs. Please click here to download a data collection form for you to fill in and return to us as appropriate.

For more information email: Info@LCEL.org.uk

Presidentís Thoughts - July 2015

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Dear Members,

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I feel extremely privileged and honoured to have been re-elected as President for the year 2015/16.


We have plans in hand for various exciting events and projects this year to include a regular Bereavement announcement service, an LCEL eNewsletter, our FaceBook page updates. If you have any announcements to make such as significant achievements, births, engagments or marriages, etc then please email us details on info@LCEL.org.uk


Please contact Jayantilal Raithatha for details of the Bereavement service or alternatively send an email to Bereavements@LCEL.org.uk


God Bless - Jai Gurudev


Vinod Kataria

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